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Five Unbelievable Luxury Golf Items

It’s no secret that golf is considered one of the more costly sports to play. If you want to get into soccer, you really just need a ball and something to act as a goal. Baseball essentially comes down to a bat, a ball, and a glove. But golf requires a decent amount of equipment, some of which can be on the pricey side, as well as fees to play at a course. Most golfers will tell you that the price tag is worth it to enjoy the sport that they love. But you’d be hard-pressed to find many players who would say the same about some of the most luxurious golf items on the market. From $100,000 weekend experiences to gold-plated clubs, here are some of the most expensive golf purchases:

    1. Barth & Sons Golden Putter First Lady Edition

      What do you get the golfer who has everything? How about one of the most expensive clubs ever created? The Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition, by Barth & Sons, is so expensive and exclusive that it might not even exist anymore. The original Golden Putter was released in 2011, with the First Lady Special Edition coming in 2014. The putter featured a 24k gold shaft, leather grip, and head with crystal inlays. The stones included in the club could be customized, with a top price point of $150,000. Today, the website that once sold the putters has gone offline. Did anyone ever purchase the $150,000 model? If so, how much more could it be worth today?

    2. The Ultimate PXG Xperience

      It’s only February, but you’re probably already longing for a vacation. Here’s the perfect getaway for the golfer with deep pockets and a taste for the Xtreme. Register for the Ultimate PXG Xperience and book your trip for a four-day romp around PXG headquarters and the Scottsdale National Golf Club. The entire package includes club fittings, two sets of clubs, three rounds of golf, private air transportation, and breakfast with PXG founder Bob Parsons. You’ll also get to play 18 holes with Parsons, stay in a three-bedroom suite, and get two 105-minute massages. The price tag was originally at $99,000, but the PXG website has since made the price only available on request. It’s still likely to be in the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” range.

    3. Homna Limited Edition T-117

      With a reputation for luxury items, Honma has established the new gold standard for clubs that are too expensive to ever actually use. The limited-edition T-117 set was just announced at the PGA Merchandise Show. The clubs are plated with 24k gold and feature solid gold medallions on the top of every grip. You’ll be able to keep the clubs safe and sound with the included Beres crocodile bag and matching headcovers. All for the price of $75,000! Hurry – there are only 10 sets available in the world.

    4. Play a Round at Pebble Beach

      Pebble Beach is notable for being the home to some of the most expensive and prestigious golf courses in the United States. 18 holes at the Pebble Peach Golf Links will cost you $495, if you’re a guest at the Pebble Beach Resorts. Add on the cart fee if you aren’t staying at the resort, and a $92.50 fee for a caddie. Resort rooms range from $840 to $6,940. So if you’re looking to take the most expensive route, it will set you back at least $7,500. Is that price worth it for one of the most famous and immaculate public courses in the country?

    5. Full Sing S8 Golf Simulator

      Forget playing at Pebble Beach, or Torrey Pines, or even your own local course. Experience golf in your own home with the Full Sing S8 Golf Simulator. The simulator includes 87 championship courses, tracking technology, a touchscreen monitor, and a full HD 4k projector. The minimum room size requirement is 17’ W x 10’ H x 20’ D. The most expensive version, the Pro 2 Widescreen, starts at $64,900; a hefty fee to play golf at home at the most realistic level possible.

Like most of us, you’re probably looking to enjoy your golf game at a better value than these luxury-priced items. Whether it’s by playing with used clubs or getting some cash for your old ones, there are plenty of ways to play golf and save money!

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