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Trade In Your Golf Clubs

When you start looking for a new set of clubs, it is usually a good idea to trade in your golf clubs to offset the purchase of your new set.  There are a few options when you get ready to trade them in.  You could try to sell your clubs to someone locally through Craigslist or some other classified ad.  Another option is to try to sell them yourself on eBay or another auction site.  Finally, you could trade in your golf clubs for cash or store credit at a local or online store.  Below we will discuss these options to help decide what would be best for you.


Selling your clubs to someone locally is the best way to avoid the fees of selling on an auction site and the hassles of shipping your clubs.  This could be a good option if you live near a large city where there are plenty of potential buyers.  On the other hand, you have to be willing to meet people to let them see the golf clubs.  Patience is also essential as it may be difficult to find a buyer who happens to be looking for the exact set of golf clubs you are selling.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try selling them locally before moving on to other options.


Internet auction sites have become a very popular place to buy and sell golf clubs over the last few years.  The great thing about selling on an auction site is that there are a huge number of potential buyers who can easily search to find exactly what they are looking for.  When selling your clubs locally, the potential number of buyers is limited by the distance they are willing to travel.  Internet auction sites have an international audience that can search to find your golf clubs without leaving their homes.

As with almost anything else, there is a downside to selling on auction sites.  Most auction sites will take around 10% to 13% of your earnings in fees. This is no small amount when you consider the value of some golf clubs.  You will also need to have a good feedback rating to make sure you get top dollar.  Many buyers will only buy from sellers who have a large amount of positive feedback. That feedback can take time to establish.  If you are only selling one or two items every year, it will take decades to build a good reputation.  Another downside to selling your clubs on an auction site is that you will need to be careful about scammers who seek to take advantage of new, less-experienced sellers.


With the prices of most new golf clubs these days, there is a huge market for used clubs. There are a number of websites out there who will give you cash or store credit for your golf clubs. Obviously, they are in the business to make money, so you may get slightly less cash than you would if you sold them yourself.

On the other hand, it may be worth it to you to trade in your golf clubs and know exactly what amount you are going to get and avoid spending a lot of time trying to find a buyer yourself.  At our site, there are a number of benefits to trading in your golf clubs instead of selling them yourself:

  • First, if your order is more than $150, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label to send in your clubs.
  • Second, we guarantee that your payment will be sent out within 24 hours of receiving your trade-in using either PayPal or a company check.  This immediate payment directly to you means that you will be able to shop for your new golf clubs anywhere you like.  You won’t be tied down to credit at one store with only their inventory.
  • Third, we guarantee that we will match any offer you get from other sites as long as we can verify their offer.
  • Finally, our site will allow you to receive an offer for your clubs instantly.


As you can see, there are a number of options to pursue when you decide it is time to get rid of your old set of golf clubs.  It really depends on the amount of time and patience you want to exert.  It is definitely possible to receive a little more money for your clubs by selling individually; however, you will be investing a great deal of time and energy, which are also of high value.  Trading in your clubs for store-credit has its perks, but locks you in to one location and product.  (Maybe you need money for something other than golf clubs…)

Selling your used clubs for cash is an easy, hassle-free option to get rid of your clubs immediately and make extra money quick.  But, you will take a small cut in pay for the convenience of instant cash.

Whatever route you decide to take, we hope you are hitting your new clubs soon!

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