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What to Do After You Sell Your Golf Clubs

Completing a quote with Golf Club Brokers is easy, but you might want to know what to do after you sell your golf clubs.

We’ve worked hard to develop a process that allows you to sell your clubs with very little time and hassle. Simply visit our home page, input your clubs into the cart using the dropdown menu, enter your shipping information and method of payment, and send your clubs to us! For a full rundown of how to sell your clubs, check out our new video that fully explains the quick process.

Maybe you’ve already sold your clubs to us. Now, you’re wondering what you can do with all of that extra cash. While you surely have a few ideas of your own, we have a couple of suggestions too.

Watch to see how you can sell your clubs and what you can do after we pay you:

As you can see, selling your clubs with Golf Club Brokers can lead to endless possibilities!
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