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Ben Hogan Launches New Irons, Wedges

There hasn’t been a new club released under the Ben Hogan name in almost two years. That will change in April, when Ben Hogan launches a new version of the Edge irons, as well as new Equalizer wedges.

Edge Irons

The Edge revisits the most popular club line in Ben Hogan’s history, repeating a name that was found on the first Edge irons thirty years ago. As with previous versions of the Edge, the clubs are meant as game-improvement irons that sport a design to appeal better players. The new design makes sure to echo the appearance of previous Hogan irons, while updating the technology to compete with modern clubs. This includes constructing the head with two separate forged parts, in order to incorporate perimeter weighting technology. Take a look at some of the other updates below:

Equalizer Wedges

The new Equalizer wedges carry the name given to Hogan’s own pitching wedge by his competitors. They are made from 1025 carbon steel and feature updated V-Sole technology. The line includes gap, sand, and lob wedges at $100 per club.

In January of 2017, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company declared bankruptcy. These releases will mark the first new club products since that time. The company has also made the change to direct-to-consumer selling. This means that the clubs will be available exclusively through their website instead of the larger retailers. The Edge irons and the Equalizer wedges are both available to pre-order on

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Callaway Introduces new Rogue Models: Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, Irons

2017 proved to be an epic year for Callaway. The company saw its 2017 GBB Epic driver lead the field as one of the best reviewed and highest selling models of the year. For 2018, Callaway is going rogue, and taking some of the technology that worked so well in their last driver to their new fairway woods and hybrids.

The Callaway Rogue line will features three new drivers, two fairway woods, two hybrids, and four iron set models. All of the clubs fall under the Rogue name, but are built with unique designs for different players.

Rogue Drivers

The standard Rogue driver will be joined by the Rogue Sub Zero and the Rogue Draw. The standard Rogue will use “The Jailbreak Effect”, Callaway’s upgrade to the Jailbreak design. Lighter titanium bars connect the crown and the sole, giving the Rogue a thinner face with more flex than the Epic, while still delivering the same effect as the original. Other new features include a leading edge design for better aerodynamics, and an improved X-Face design to boost the variable face thickness. The Sub Zero is a low-spin version meant for Tour-level players. The Draw is a heel-weighted iteration built specifically to fight slices and create straighter ballflight. Both the Sub Zero and the Draw utilize the same Jailbreak and X-Face technology. All three versions are $499 at retail.

Rogue Fairway Woods and Hybrids

The most noticeable difference between the Epic and Rogue fairway woods and hybrids is the use of the Jailbreak technology. While the Epic limited the Jailbreak design to the drivers, the Rogue has implemented the technology into the fairway woods and hybrids too. The fairway woods come in the standard Rogue and the lower-spin Rogue Sub Zero model ($299 each). The hybrids are available in the standard Rogue and the more forgiving Rogue X ($249 each). The clubs all feature thin, Carpenter steel clubfaces and Face Cup designs.

Rogue Irons

Callaway will also release four different models of irons under the Rogue name. The standard Rogue irons, Rogue X irons, and Rogue women’s irons will all retail for $899 steel, $999 graphite, while the Rogue Pro irons will go for $999 steel. The standard Rogue is built as an option for a wide selection of players as a game-improvement iron. It includes the 360-cup face technology found on many of Callaway’s recent iron models. The Pro version features all of the same technology as the standard, but with a thinner topline and sole. The Rogue X includes the same technologies as the Rogue, but with features like stronger lofts, lighter weights, and a larger clubhead to maximize distance and enhance forgiveness. The women’s model is ultra-light weight and includes a large cavity to increase forgiveness.

Take a look at the different Rogue models:

Rogue DrawRogue Sub ZeroRogue Fairway wood Rogue X Hybrid Rogue Pro iron Rogue X Iron

All clubs are available for pre-order on January 19, 2018, and at retail on February 9.

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New Ping G700 Irons Feature Hollow-body Design

Ping’s latest game-improvement iron finds similarities with recent Ping hybrid models. Unlike any of its predecessors, the Ping G700 features the first hollow-body for a set of irons in the history of the company. The successful design of the Ping Crossover hybrid acts as a direct influence for the G700 irons. The hollow-body is meant to push distance and forgiveness to the max. The thin face combines with body design to make the club perform more like a metalwood. Ping has always been known for their game-improvement irons. Now, the G700 model aims to take the next step in creating a forgiving design.

Take a look at the official description from Ping and images of the G700:

 In this game-improvement iron, PING engineers put a high priority on power and forgiveness by leveraging the advantages of a hollow-body design and a thin, maraging steel face, creating PING’s longest, highest-flying iron to date. All this comes with the added benefits of playability, tighter dispersion and enhanced sound in a slim, aesthetically pleasing shape.


The G700 irons are priced at $160 per club in steel or $175 per club in graphite, with 4-iron through sand wedge available. Pre-orders for the clubs are open now.

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Callaway Introduces X Forged UT Irons

Looking for an option to step up your game as an already skilled golfer? Callaway has a new offering for you in the X Forged UT utility iron. The iron furthers the progression from the X-Prototype utility iron that Callaway released in 2012. The utility iron introduced the same technological benefits often found in game-improvement clubs, but for elite golfers.

The new X Forged UT features a face design that has been used in Callaway’s game improvement irons for the past four years, combined with the sleek shape found in the new X Forged irons. With a forged hosel and body and the use of a CG in line with the clubface center, the club is sure to appeal to better players.

Take a look at the X Forged UT below:

The X Forged UT irons will be available at retail on January 19.

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TaylorMade M3 and M4 Clubs Revealed

TaylorMade has added a new twist to golf club technology. Today, the company revealed a first look at their M3 and M4 woods and irons. The biggest talking point? New Twist Face technology, which features driver faces with a twist in the low heel and high toe.

TaylorMade offers the Twist Face concept to combat the tendency for overcorrection and fairway misses when players make high toe or low heel hits. After conducting research on thousands of shots, TaylorMade found that the traditional bulge style face wasn’t meeting expectations. Adjustments to the faces on the M3 and M4 line are meant to correct this. You can read more about the Twist Face technology here.

Another step-forward for the M3 driver is found in the weight and track system. The M3 features a potential 13,000 setups between the adjustable weights and the adjustable hosel, which doubles the number possible in the 2017 M1. Similar improvements are made to the adjustability of the M3 fairway woods and hybrid.

Along with the new woods, TaylorMade announced the M3 and M4 irons. Adjustments to the irons include new technology called RIBCOR, a new support system inside the head that is meant to provide faster ballspeed across the entire face.

Take a look at the new M3 and M4 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons:

All of the clubs will be available at retail on February 16.

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First Look at the Callaway Rogue

A first look is now available for those curious about Callaway’s next driver installment following the GBB Epic. According to the USGA Conforming List, the next driver will be called the Rogue. It will also come in a Sub Zero version. The listing doesn’t describe all of the changes that there will be compared to the Epic, but it does mention the return of the Jail Break Technology. The heads will also feature weights in the soles and adjustable hosels, like the Epic. There is no word yet on a release date, which will surely come with Callaway’s official announcement.

Take a first look at Callaway Rogue heads in black and white below: