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Ben Hogan Launches New Irons, Wedges

There hasn’t been a new club released under the Ben Hogan name in almost two years. That will change in April, when Ben Hogan launches a new version of the Edge irons, as well as new Equalizer wedges.

Edge Irons

The Edge revisits the most popular club line in Ben Hogan’s history, repeating a name that was found on the first Edge irons thirty years ago. As with previous versions of the Edge, the clubs are meant as game-improvement irons that sport a design to appeal better players. The new design makes sure to echo the appearance of previous Hogan irons, while updating the technology to compete with modern clubs. This includes constructing the head with two separate forged parts, in order to incorporate perimeter weighting technology. Take a look at some of the other updates below:

Equalizer Wedges

The new Equalizer wedges carry the name given to Hogan’s own pitching wedge by his competitors. They are made from 1025 carbon steel and feature updated V-Sole technology. The line includes gap, sand, and lob wedges at $100 per club.

In January of 2017, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company declared bankruptcy. These releases will mark the first new club products since that time. The company has also made the change to direct-to-consumer selling. This means that the clubs will be available exclusively through their website instead of the larger retailers. The Edge irons and the Equalizer wedges are both available to pre-order on

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3 thoughts on “Ben Hogan Launches New Irons, Wedges

  1. Why are the wedges so inexpensive (cheap)? Something must be wrong.

  2. Why are the wedges so inexpensive (cheap)? Something must be wrong.
    yes, but I forgot to check the notification box.

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