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Guide to New 2019 Golf Clubs

A new year brings a fresh lineup of golf clubs from the industry’s biggest brands. TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway, and Cobra have all announced their latest models of drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons. There will be plenty of new options to choose from as you look to upgrade your bag this year. Take a look at what are sure to be the most popular new 2019 golf clubs.


M5 & M6 drivers, fairway wood, hybrids, and irons.

TaylorMade M5

TaylorMade’s promoted innovation this year is that their new drivers are so fast, they’re barely legal. In fact, the production process for the M5 and M6 drivers involves pushing the clubs beyond the rules of golf, and then slowing them back down by injecting the faces with a special resin. TaylorMade says that by doing this, they can take the club as close to the legal limit was possible. TaylorMade will continue to use the twist-face technology that they introduced with the M3 and M4 models last year. This time, they’ll extend that technology to the M5 and M6 fairway woods and hybrids as well.

In addition to the metalwoods, TaylorMade will release the M5 and M6 irons. The M5 irons are meant for players looking for a more traditional profile and a little less forgiveness. The M6 irons built for maximum distance and forgiveness. Both clubs feature a new Speed Pocket and Speed Bridge design that combine to reduce and deflect vibration.

Read more about the specifications for the M5 and M6 lines here.

Release date: M5 and M6 metalwoods and irons – February 1, 2019. M5 Tour – March 1, 2019.

Retail pricing:

  • M5 & M5 Tour driver: $550.
  • M6 and M6 D-Type driver: $500.
  • M5 fairway wood: $400.
  • M6 and M6 D-Type fairway woods: $300.
  • M6 hybrids: $250.
  • M5 irons: $999 steel, $1,199 graphite.
  • M6 irons: $899 steel, $999 graphite.


G410 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons.

Ping G400 PlusThe G410 drivers are built to be more adjustable than the previous G400 model, with a movable tungsten weight in the rear of the head. The weight will allow players to customize the center of gravity, with a design meant to still allow maximum forgiveness. The G410 Plus and the SFT (the more forgiving model) also feature enhanced turbulators to increase the club’s aerodynamics.

The G410 fairway woods and hybrids are built to be more forgiving, create more distance, and allow for more customization than any previous Ping model. The hybrid will be Ping’s first hybrid to feature an adjustable hosel. Both types of clubs have a C300 maraging steel face, designed to increase ball speed.

The G410 irons are meant to appeal to those who want game-improvement irons with the appearance of a better-player’s club. While the G410 is smaller than the G400 irons, Ping was able to boost the moment of inertia (MOI) to be eight percent higher than the previous model. The G410 is built to be as stable on off-center hits as the company’s max game-improvement irons.

Read more about the specifications for the G410 lines here.

Release date:  G410 metalwoods- March 7, 2019. G410 irons – February 7, 2019.

Retail pricing:

  • G410 driver: $540.
  • G410 fairway wood: $310.
  • G410 hybrid: $270.
  • Ping G410 irons: $1080 steel, $1200 graphite.


Epic Flash drivers and fairway woods.

Callaway Epic FlashThe Callaway Epic was one of the best selling clubs of 2017. Last year, Callaway took a step away from the Epic name, releasing the Rogue model instead. This year, Callaway has returned to the Epic, with the new Epic Flash model. The drivers feature new face technology for increased ball speed. That technology was designed by a supercomputer with AI programming. The AI was able to create over 15,000 iterations of Flash face geometry in order to perfect the face design. The clubs also include Callaway’s Jailbreak technology, originally introduced in the first Epic drivers.

The Epic Flash fairway woods will feature the Flash Face and Jailbreak tech. The driver and the fairway woods will also be available in the lower-spin Sub Zero models.

Read more about the specifications for the Epic Flash here.

Release date: February 1, 2019.

Retail pricing:

  • Epic Flash drivers: $529.
  • Epic Flash fairway woods: $299.


Apex 19 irons and hybrids.

Callaway Apex 19 SmokeCallaway’s Apex irons are consistently one of the most sought-after models on the market. But with a three year gap since the last iteration, the 2019 version should be even more popular. Due to the long break since the previous model, The Apex 19 and Apex Pro 19 irons will feature major technology upgrades: cupface tech, a 1025 carbon steel frame, and microsphere technology (introduced on the Rogue irons) are just a few of the enhancements. Both the standard and Pro models are also available in a Smoke finish.

The new iteration of the Apex hybrid will feature the Jailbreak technology from the Epic line, along with a forged Carpenter 455 face cup design. The club is meant as a long-iron replacement with extra ballspeed and forgiveness.

Read more about the specifications for the Apex 19 irons here, and the Apex 19 hybrids here.

Release date: Apex 19 and Pro 19 irons, Apex 19 hybrid: January 25, 2019. Apex 19 and Pro 19 irons Smoke: February 22, 2019.

Retail pricing:

  • Apex 19 irons: $1,400 steel, $1,500 graphite. Smoke: $1,560 steel.
  • Apex Pro 19 irons: $1,400 steel. Smoke: $1,560 steel.
  • Apex 19 hybrids: $270.


Big Bertha 2019 irons, Big Bertha 2019 hybrids.

Callaway Big Bertha 2019The Big Bertha model is perhaps the most well-known name from Callaway. 2019 sees new versions of the Big Bertha irons and hybrids. The irons are built as the company’s easiest-to-hit distance irons, featuring a new Suspended Energy Core that pulls the center of gravity lower and away from the face, creating opportunity for higher-flying hits.

The Big Bertha 2019 hybrid is the first of its kind for Callaway. It combines a cup-face design with Jailbreak technology. Unlike the Apex 19, it also features and adjustable hosel. A much lighter adjustable hosel allows for the inclusion of the weight from the Jailbreak bars that had not previously been used in any hybrid models.

Read more about the specifications for the Big Bertha 2019 irons here, and the Big Bertha 2019 hybrids here.

Release date: Available now.

Retail pricing:

  • Big Bertha 2019 irons: $1,200 steel, $1,300 graphite.
  • Big Bertha 2019 hybrids: $269.99.


KING F9 Speedback drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons.

Cobra KING F9 DriverThe Cobra KING F9 Speedback driver was built to offer a significant increase in speed over the previous F7 and F8 models. The F9 is the fastest Cobra driver ever released, with a Speedback Aero design to reduce drag. The Ferrari-inspired color schemes make the drivers stand out from a design standpoint, and were chosen with the help of Rickie Fowler. The driver is also available in a Tour-Length model, with a shorter shaft inspired by Rickie Fowler’s driver used on Tour.

The KING F9 Speedback fairway woods and hybrids include the same Speedback design for increased speed. Redesigned Baffler rails in the fairway woods bring notable improvements to one of Cobra’s most well-known features. The enhanced rails are meant to improve launch, forgiveness, and turf interaction. The hybrid will also be available in a One Length version.

Rounding out the selection of 2019 Cobra models are the new KING F9 Speedback irons. The irons are built for mid- and higher-handicap players with an emphasis on forgiveness and distance. Those were both increased with a design featuring tungsten pieces added to the toe and in the heel where the hosel and club meet, and a wider sole than the F8 irons. The irons will also be available in a One Length version.

Read more about the specifications for the F9 Speedback metalwoods here.

Release date: Available now.

Retail pricing:

  • KING F9 Speedback drivers: $449.
  • KING F9 Speedback fairway woods: $269.
  • KING F9 Speedback hybrids: $219.
  • KING F9 Speedback irons: $799 steel, $899 graphite.

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