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Counterfeit Callaway X Forged 2018 Iron Set

We recently received a counterfeit Callaway X Forged 2018 iron set, but we were able to identify that they were fake. Below are some comparison photos between the counterfeit iron and an authentic version, as well as some of the factors that helped us identify the inauthentic clubs.

Counterfeit Callaway X Forged 2018 Iron Set Differences

  • The details on the back of the head are notably different on the counterfeit club in comparison to the authentic version.
    • The angles of the design around the cavity, near the toe, and along the bottom of the sole are much rounder and not as sharp as the original club.
    • The text in the Callaway logo engraving is incorrect. All of the letters are larger, and the alignment and shape of the letters do not match the accurate version of the logo.
    • The text for the X Forged engraving is much closer to the original club than the Callaway logo, but there are still small differences in the spacing and the font.
  • The face shape is slightly different, especially near the toe, where the counterfeit version has a more rounded and fatter edge.
  • The shorter grooves on the face near the top of the head extend much longer along the face in the direction of the neck on the authentic club than they do on the fake model.
  • The finish on the authentic clubs is a shinier metal than the counterfeit version. You can see in the photos below the authentic club reflecting through the shiny sole, while the more matte finish on the counterfeit gives no reflection.
  • The entire shape and size of the head is very clearly different when held side-by-side. You can see in the photo below of the soles that the sole of the authentic club is much broader, and that the angles are very different in the cavity areas.
  • The N.S.Pro shaft does not match an authentic version of the same shaft. The graphics on the shaft are a different color and the font does not match the authentic version.


Staying on top of the various counterfeit clubs on the market can be difficult. Hopefully, this information and our guides in the future can help you to spot any counterfeit items before you purchase them. Another great way to ensure that you’re only purchasing authentic clubs is to shop our inventory. If you have authentic name brand clubs that you want to sell for cash, check our Instant Quote page to find out what they’re worth.





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