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Counterfeit Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood

We recently received a counterfeit Mizuno MX-700 Fairway wood. This particular counterfeit was not a very good one. We did not have a real MX-700 fairway wood to compare it to, but we did have a MX-700 hybrid. As you can see in the pictures, there are a few differences that stand out more than others.

Counterfeit Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood Differences

1. The head cover on the counterfeit is of very poor quality. The stitching is terrible when compared to the real thing. Also, the yellow parts are made of a much more textured synthetic leather than the real thing.
2. The hosel on the counterfeit is much shorter and the serial number is in a much larger font.
3. While the sole is hard the tell the difference, the crown is an obvious giveaway when compared to the real thing. The graphics on the fake use much darker colors and stand out much more while the real club has very subtle graphics. Also, the graphics on the fake are uneven.
4. The grip feels smaller than a standard size grip and it has a strong rubber odor like a swimming pool float or a bicycle tire.

Overall, this doesn’t look to be a very good fake and just feels like an inferior piece of equipment. There are certainly good fakes and bad fakes out there, so make sure you are buying from a trusted source the next time you purchase new equipment.

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