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Counterfeit Titleist 910D2 Driver

We recently received a counterfeit Titleist 910D2 Driver. This club had some obvious differences from the authentic version. While we didn’t have another 910D2 in stock, we were able to compare it with a 910D3. Check below for a description of the differences and a look at some side-by-side comparison photos.

Counterfeit Titleist 910D2 Driver Differences

  • One of the most noticeable signs that this club wasn’t authentic was the poor craftsmanship on the shaft adapter. The adjustable pieces are not aligned and don’t fit together properly.
  • Another obvious difference from the authentic club is in the coloring of the lettering on the bottom of the club. Both the Titleist logo and the 910D2 text are much darker than the authentic version. Even if you did not have another 910D2 to compare it with in person, you could easily spot this by simply comparing it to authentic photos found on Titleist’s website.
  • The font for the loft is very close to the authentic version, but it has some slight differences.
  • The Titleist emblem on the crown is too close to the front edge on the counterfeit club.


Unfortunately there are always going to be counterfeit clubs on the market. It’s important to make sure that you are aware of some of the noticeable differences before making a purchase. Another great way to ensure that you’re only purchasing authentic clubs is to shop our inventory. If you have authentic name brand clubs that you want to sell for cash, check our Instant Quote page to find out what they’re worth.

Counterfeit 910D2 driver
Counterfeit 910D2 Driver Counterfeit 910D2 Driver Counterfeit 910D2 DriverCounterfeit 910D2 Driver

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