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Preparing For Your Round

This golf tip edition is brought to you by “Da Game Breaker,” whose goal is to help the average weekend player play better, have more fun, and enjoy taking that charity contribution away from your buddies on the 19th hole.

Preparing For The Round

The Problem:

We all know time is precious.  If your schedule (and wife) allows you to golf more than one round a week, then you should consider yourself lucky.  Most of us hackers pull into the parking lot, check in, and go straight to the first tee.  If we don’t get stuck in traffic and arrive with a few minutes to spare, we stop by the putting green for 3 or 4 quick putts and we’re good to go!  Then we use the first 3 holes to loosen up, get the pace of the greens right, and get our mind on the game.  By the fourth hole, we’re finally ready to play.  Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we start keeping score after the first hole?  Let’s face it, the game starts before you get to the first tee. CONTINUE READING