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Shipping Golf Clubs Safely

Here at Golf Club Brokers, we send hundreds of clubs each week, so we have plenty of experience with shipping golf clubs safely. Unfortunately, we’ve received some clubs that were not properly protected for shipping. All too often some of the clubs arrive to our facility damaged, and these scratches & dents are not a result of UPS!  The majority of the time, the clubs arrive damaged because they are packed poorly by the sender.  We stress the importance of “adequately packaging items” to all of our customers, but what does this really mean?  How does one adequately package items?


Here are some “best practices” to remember when it comes to shipping clubs:

  1. Start with a sturdy box that is the right size for your clubs.  If it is too big you will have to use more bubble wrap and stuffing to protect the items.  You also want the box to be strong enough to support the weight of the clubs.
  2. Wrap the shaft of each club with bubble wrap.  It is best to wrap each club individually to ensure the maximum protection for the clubs.  UPS suggests 2 inches of cushioning to protect the items from each other and the edges of the box.  This step is extremely important if you are shipping a driver or fairway wood.  Take extra packaging precautions to prevent the paint on the crown from chipping and to avoid nicks on the head — especially if you are shipping without a head cover.
  3. Depending on the extra space in the box, you may wish to stuff the area with packing peanuts or wadded newspaper. This step will prevent the box from bending or smashing while in transit.
  4. Close with box with a strong tape that is 2-3 inches wide.  Be sure to reinforce the edges and seams.  Avoid using masking tape or duct tape because they may not keep the package sealed.
  5. Attach the label on a flat surface at the top of the package, and now you are ready to safely send your clubs!

Obviously, you can also apply these principles to any items you wish to package and mail.

Happy Shipping!

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