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Can I Sell My Clubs on eBay Myself?

You might be wondering, “Can I sell my clubs on eBay myself?” How hard can it be? Selling items successfully on eBay isn’t as simple as creating a user account and uploading a picture of your iron set.  This misconception is common!  Selling clubs (or anything) on eBay can be labor intensive and expensive.  While it is possible for you to make a few extra bucks by eliminating the middle man, you should consider three questions before creating an eBay account:

  1. Is it worth my time?
  2. Do I know the true value of my golf clubs?
  3. Will I be able to compete with professional sellers?

Is selling as an individual truly worth my time?

There are many steps involved with holding an online auction.   Online sellers invest a great deal of time to ensure their auctions do well.  At Golf Club Brokers, we have a trained staff that handles the “behind-the-scenes” logistics of managing an eBay store.  These responsibilities include maintaining our account, purchasing the appropriate software, inspecting and cleaning the golf clubs, verifying authenticity and worth of each club, photographing the golf clubs, arranging payment options, paying eBay fees and PayPal charges, collecting payments, packing clubs and shipping to our loyal customers.

Do I know the true value of my golf club?

Simply verifying the value of your clubs is not as simple as looking in the PGA Value Guide. Our staff is knowledgeable in the numerous brands, makes and models of clubs.  We are able to recognize subtleties that even the most avid golfer may not realize. This understanding and skill takes years of experience and practice to master.

Will I be able to compete with professional sellers?

Keep in mind that the majority of eBay sellers are professionals – not people who occasionally list items they no longer want lying around the house.  Professional sellers know which type of auction or sale is best for their product.   These sellers also know when to list their items in order to conduct the most profitable auction.  At Golf Club Brokers, we know the best time during the day, week, month and year to list particular clubs.  Lastly, professional sellers have thousands of positive references and feedback.  Buyers must rely on the seller’s reputable standing and willingness to refund 100% if the customer is not happy.  Thus, individuals who sell infrequently will find it hard to compete with a seller who has an established track record and positive reputation.

What’s the bottom line?

We realize that you may not wish to maintain an online store, but even selling one single club on an online auction involves registering, paying fees and listing the item at the appropriate value – and doing it all at the right time.  Our experience has shown us that more often than not, individuals selling their golf clubs on eBay seldom make as much money as what we offer.  In this instance, you definitely don’t want to eliminate the middle man!  Selling directly to Golf Club Brokers can not only save you time, it will also earn you about the same amount of cash.

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